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EP7® Program

Be You with the EP7® Program.

The Program comprises 7 steps that help you learn about who and how you are when you are in both empowered and disempowered versions of yourself, use what you have learned about yourself to reflect on and further develop - perhaps even reinvent - your self-worth, and help you shift into a state of empowerment - not only in situations where you have previously felt disempowered, but overall to be who you are for you.

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EP7®-Teen is an adapted version of the EP7® Program making it suitable for young people.
Taking Steps 1 (Empowered Identity), 2 (Personal Assessment) and 5 (Purpose) from the EP7® Program, EP7®-Teen provides insight into who and how you are in empowered and disempowered versions of yourself, and uses this insight to inform your self-worth reflection and development.
These steps can be revisited after completing the Program to help with ongoing learning and growth.

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General Coaching Sessions

General coaching sessions can provide support to those undertaking their own personal development work.
For those who are completing/have completed either the EP7® or EP7®-Teen Programs, additional coaching sessions can be arranged if you'd like extra support on a particular step, or to continue your personal development journey.