Learn about and grow yourself.

Define and validate your own self-worth.

Know and be who you are.



My name is Jess,

and I'm an EP7®-Certified personal development coach.

(That's me up there laughing at the camera :D)

Through my own personal development journey I've come to believe that personal development and self-worth go together like comfy pants and slippers.


I have learned the importance of not only learning about and growing myself to feel empowered in a given situation, but also developing a healthy and strong self-worth that is defined and validated only by me, so that overall I feel empowered to be 

who I am for me. 


I now want to help other girls and women learn and grow,

define and validate your own self-worth,

and feel empowered to be

who you are for you.


I have a vision of young women everywhere being part of a Self-Worth Revolution where, as empowered individuals, we empower each other, and - like a massive string of fairy lights - we use that power to make the

world brighter, prettier and more twinkly for us all.



It's About Honouring You

During my own personal development and self-worth journey, I discovered a connection between the times that I felt disempowered and when I was basing my self-worth on external validation.

I believe that basing our self-worth on external validation can lead us to thinking, feeling and acting according to expectation. When we live according to expectation, and are told, shown or feel that we have not met them, feeling disempowered is a logical outcome. 

However, as much as this all sounds quite negative, it is actually an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to work through situations in a way that we learn about and grow ourselves, so that we can define and validate our own self-worth, and feel empowered by knowing and being who we are for ourselves.

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It's Worth the Effort

Yes, your personal and self-worth development takes a commitment by you to do the work and make the effort, but it's 

worthwhile work and effort.

And, as your coach,

I'll be there supporting and cheerleading!


Genuine - Connected - Authentic

Personal and self-worth development is an ongoing journey.
To get the most out of it, you need to be prepared to put in the work, meaning that you'll need to connect with yourself, be genuine and authentic.
I approach my coaching the same way.
For a valuable, productive experience, a connection needs to exist for both you and me, where it's effortless for us to be ourselves. 
(This also makes for fantastic conversation! :D)